After Work Yoga.


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Session 4.

With James

Welcome to day 4 of After Work Yoga. For this class, you’re going to need an area of wall where you can put your legs up. An area with no paintings or pictures that you might knock off.

Session 5.

With James

Welcome to the final session in After Work Yoga. Hopefully, you’ve been finding these videos useful in helping you to transition from work to home time.

In this class you might need a yoga block. If you don’t have one, don’t worry too much – you can use a big book or a pillow.

Whether you work at a desk all day, you’re a nurse, a caregiver, a farmer, a construction worker… this video is about unwinding, letting go, and de-stressing.



Morning Yoga.

With James

In this block of 5 classes we’re going to explore flows and postures to help you start your day right, with a supple mind and a supple body.