Energising HIIT Workouts


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Session 2.

With Yasmin

Welcome back to your 2nd Energising HIIT Workout. This session will be a slightly more advanced version of the 1st energising workout.

Session 3.

With Yasmin

Welcome to the Energising HIIT Workout session 3. Today we’re going to be stepping it up a notch and making the movements a little more advanced.

We will still be working to 30 seconds on / 30 seconds off, but this time we’re going to mix it up a bit with the types of movement we are doing. We are only going to be executing 3 movements, but for 3 rounds.

You won’t need any equipment, but if you have a hard floor you may want a fitness/yoga mat or a pillow to protect your knees in some of the movements.



Session 4.

With Yasmin

Today we’ll be getting even more advanced. We’re going to be working with 40 seconds on / 20 seconds off. We’ll be doing it for 2 rounds, with 5 separate exercises.